• Logos Imaging Product


    Logos Imaging's NEOS III is our latest small format DR imaging system specifically designed to withstand the rigors of harsh environments. The system also offers the advantages of built-in wireless communications and an internal battery for situations where ultra-portability is required.

  • Logos Imaging Product


    Logos Imaging's MÓNOS is our latest large format DR imaging system. The MÓNOS offers the same features as our top-selling ORAMA II, in full wireless panel.

  • Logos Imaging Product


    The ORAMA II is fully portable and field ready. From any of the three carrying case options, the system can be deployed in less than five minutes and has an on target weight of under 19 pounds, excluding the X-ray source.

  • Logos Imaging Product


    The ASÝRMATOS II interface provides battery power for Logos DR panels; wireless and wired communication between the panel, source, and PC; and multi-device image viewing. The ASÝRMATOS II is rugged, field ready device meeting IP65, MIL-STD 810G, and MIL-STD 461F standards.

  • Logos Imaging Product

    LOGOS Series CR

    The Logos Digital Imaging System offers users a truly portable Computed Radiography (CR) product designed to be field deployable. With a footprint measuring 31 inches x 23 inches, the complete Pelican case mounted system fits in a typical response vehicle for easy transport to and from the work site.

  • Logos Imaging Product


    Logos Imaging’s RIZIKÓS is a revolutionary flash digital X-ray imaging system. A breakthrough technology, RIZIKÓS is a small digital X-ray system that scans images recorded on conventional storage phosphor screens of almost any size.




Portable X-ray systems for security, industrial, and veterinary applications

Logos Imaging is a US-based manufacturer of innovative and cost-effective portable X-ray systems designed to meet the requirements of security, industrial, and veterinary users. Our multi-platform software and hardware interface allows seamless integration of a wide variety of portable X-ray imaging devices on a single PC. Choose from computed radiography or direct radiography systems to meet your specific requirements.

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