• Logos Imaging Product

    Dual Panel Kits

    Logos Imaging’s Dual Panel Kit provides users flexibility to use the ideal size panel for their specific mission.

  • Logos Imaging Product


    Logos Imaging’s SOSTÓS II is an ultra-portable, small format, glass-free DR imaging system. At only 2.8lb (1.3 kg) and 3mm border on two sides it is designed for dismounted, tactical operations.

  • Logos Imaging Product

    Wireless X-Ray Kit

    The Logos Imaging Wireless X-ray Kit ensures users have full control of the Golden Engineering generators from the tablet/PC up-range. These kits provide instant connection and communication and are transferrable between systems with no additional configuration needed.




Innovative portable X-ray systems

Logos Imaging is a US-based manufacturer of innovative and cost-effective portable X-ray systems. Our multi-platform software and hardware interface allows seamless integration of a wide variety of portable X-ray imaging devices on a single PC. Choose from computed radiography or direct radiography systems to meet your specific requirements.

"It is very refreshing to contact a company and speak to a live person who is able to quickly answer my questions. It is also great to know that I can still speak to the same person I spoke to years ago." – Bomb Squad Commander

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