Logos Imaging's XIRÓS.

XIRÓS System

XIRÓS Flat Panel System

Logos Imaging’s XIRÓS is our newest and most rugged small format DR imaging system. The XIRÓS 2929N panel's glass-free design allows for the smallest borders on the market at just 3 mm. The IP67 rated enclosure assures the XIRÓS durability. Ideally suited for dismounted EOD operations, the XIRÓS full wireless system in a backpack configuration weighs under 20 lb (9 kg). The versatile XIRÓS with internal wireless communication is essential for users that want to quickly assess an item.

Product Fact

The ultra-portable XIRÓS wireless system has 3 mm borders on two sides and eight hour battery life.


Detector Type Amorphous Silicon with TFT
Detector Area 11.3" x 11.3" (287 x 287 mm)
Pixel Resolution 2,048 x 2,048 pixels
Pixel Pitch 140 µm
Scintillator Gadox
Pixel Depth 16 bits
Dimensions (Panel Only) 13.1" x 13.1" x 0.6" (331.5 x 331.5 x 15 mm)
Weight Without battery - 4.8 lb (2.2 kg)
With battery - 5.7 lb (2.6) kg)
Communications Range Wired: 15 m to 200 m
Wireless: 400 m or up to 1,600 m with long-range wireless option
(using 2.4 GHZ)


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