What's New in Version 7.0?

Below is a list of the new features in the Logos Imaging Application Version 7.0.
*Features are part of the enhanced software.

Set Default Layout

Saves the user's preferred window layout as default.

Zoom to Area

Zooms to the area of a rectangle drawn by the user.

Increased Measurement Precision

Draws measurements with 0.00' precision.

Alacrity Filter*

Custom image enhancement algorithm with multiple user-adjustable parameters.

Filter Paramaterization*

Allows users to refine filter performance by adjusting the settings for most filters.

Weighted Outline*

Custom filter that performs adjustable image outlines.

Stitching Filters*

Allows users to apply image processing filters in the stitching window.

Free Rotate*

Rotates the image in 0.1 degree increments.

Split Window*

Displays multiple image tabs in one window.

Irregular RoI*

Defines a user-defined shape and section of the image for localized processing or for cropping.